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A Place to Learn
Golf is a difficult game to learn and even more difficult to master. T's Golf Academy was created to provide a comfortable, safe learning environment that is free from any judgment of where your game currently is. Whether you've never hit a golf ball before, or you're competitive at the highest level, T's Golf Academy will help you to improve your game.

We offer a variety of instructional programs as well as custom club fitting. Regardless of the state of your game, T's Golf Academy has an instructional program to suit you and help your realize improvement quickly.

All of our instructors are Hank Haney trained and certified. The golf instruction methodology our instructors follow focuses on the flight of the golf ball and the golfer's influence which causes that flight. Through this method, students see near instantaneous ball flight improvement and continuous gains in their confidence and control of their golf swings.
Our Motto:
Prepare to Improve!
What does "Prepare To Improve!" mean? We believe it takes preparation to play your best. Great instruction, clubs that fit, and proper practice all play a role in this. Put it all together and you better get ready, because you're going to get better, and fast!
Our Mission and Vision:

"We will provide both World-Class golf instruction to golfers of all levels, and the opportunity for every golfer to improve with the expertise of a knowledgeable, professional staff at a quality facility which is above the industry standard in every capacity."
Private Lessons
Experience 1 hour of one-on-one instruction with a Hank Haney certified instructor. We offer instruction in the full swing, short game, and putting. All prices include the use of video analysis where appropriate.

Try it - then - Apply it

We encourage new students to take 1 private lesson and see how you like it. If you then decide you would like to take any of our lesson packages, apply the fee for the first lesson as a down payment, pay the balance of the total package price at your second lesson, and take the remainder of the package lessons. That way you don't have to commit to a whole package before trying a lesson with one of our instructors.
Private Lesson Pricing
# of Lessons $/Hour Total
1 - 60 Minute $100 $100
5 Lesson Pkg* $80 $400
10 Lesson Pkg* $75 $750
*Lesson packages expire the same year in which they are purchased
Junior Instruction
One of our main focuses at T's Golf Academy is working with the next generation of golfers. Our junior instruction is for golfers under the age of 18 and for all ability levels.

All pricing information listed here is for 30 minute lessons and intended for ages 12 & under only. Ages 13 - 18 can take advantage of any of our private lessons or packages listed HERE.

If you don't see a program that you feel will work for your young golfer, please contact us and let us work with you to develop the right program for your needs by calling: (207) 621-8633.
Junior Lesson Pricing
# of Lessons $/30min Total
1 - 30 Minute $50 $50
5 Lesson Pkg* $40 $200
10 Lesson Pkg* $37.5 $375

*Lesson packages expire the same year in which they are purchased
A Tradition of Training Champions
At T's Golf Academy we have been fortunate to have so many hard working junior students that have gone on to win individual and team championships over the last several years. We are proud of each of them!
Effort + Attitude = Success
Custom Club Fitting
Clubs that fit ensure that a golfer of any ability level is maximizing his or her potential. Using clubs that don't fit can force a golfer to make compensations in the swing that negatively affect performance.

We are Titleist certified custom club fitters and utilize Vector launch monitor technology to ensure optimal driver launch characteristics that maximize distance and accuracy. Call (207) 621-8633 to schedule a fitting today and discover why we are considered:

The Premiere Titleist Custom Club Fitter in the State of Maine 
Club Fitting Pricing
Type of Fitting Cost
Irons Only $100
Driver & Woods $125
Full Fitting $200
Our Instructors
Rawn Torrington
Director of Golf
- Teaching since 1998
- Hank Haney level 3 certified
- Titleist certified custom fitter
- Born 1947
- Retired Lt. Col. - Army Natl. Guard
Rawn has studied under Hank Haney and has worked with students of all ages and abilities. He is also T’s head custom fitter.
Tom Torrington
Head Professional
- Teaching since 1998
- Hank Haney level 3 certified
- Titleist certified custom fitter
- Born 1980
- University of Colorado grad. - B.S. Bus. Admin.
Tom worked for 4 years at the Int’l Junior Golf Academy with many of the top juniors in the world. He teaches all ages & abilities.